The infant should need to drink water or no

Most of parents still wondered whether infants should drink water. Although mothers are warned that should not absolutely allow the infants to drink water, they still do this object as the habit. It is noticed that the baby is drunk water by his/her parents after feeding in order to clean the mouth. Perhaps, no matter what, both adults and children are also advised drinking plenty of water every day, this one is good for the body. However, with the infant, this one is entirely wrong.

Should infants drink water?

The answer is absolutely “No”. The infants under 6 months can be malnourished if they drink water soon. For the reason, the stomach of the infant is very small. Since the baby was getting enough water from breast milk and formula milk, drinking water will make him/her indigestion, discomfort and even bored breastfeeding. On the other hand, because the stomach is very small, the infant will not be breastfed so much when being allowed drinking water. Therefore, the baby has the risk of malnutrition.

Mothers should know that both breast milk and formula milk are contained full of nutrients as well as water which suit for babies. Consequently, mothers needn’t to supplement your baby any kinds of water so as not to effect to the nutrient absorption of the baby.

Should infants drink water? – The answer is absolutely “No”

Infants may be poisoned by drinking water soon

According to health experts and top pediatricians, mothers are allowed the infant to drink water because the baby can be poisoned by drinking water. It can say that the renal function of babies is still incomplete, so it cannot handle the extra water. This one is able to dilute the concentration of sodium in the body which will follow the water exiting. Therefore, it leads to shortage sodium which seriously affects to the operation of the brain. The first expression of babies is poisoned by drinking water that is sleepy, annoyed or low body temperature; even, the baby can have the mental changing, facial edema, cramp, etc. Worse object can lead to coma, convulsion and interrupt. At that time, mothers immediately need to call emergency to avoid being dangerous to your baby’s life.

Mothers are not allowed the infant to drink water as or any kinds of water such as fruit juice, sugar water, and so on. Like that, the baby is able to lose the weight and get diseases easily. Even, if the water is not guaranteed the hygiene, your baby will have diarrhea. Therefore, in the first 6 months, mothers should breastfeed because breast milk completely contains 88% water. Moreover, breast milk also contains sterile component, healthy nutrients, so it is safe for your baby. In the case, the baby feeds formula milk. Mothers should only dessert with one teaspoon water after feeding. You have to ensure the baby who does not drink over 30ml water per day. In addition, mothers are made powdered milk “deviation” formula in order to ensure nutrition for the baby.

When the infant should drink water

We knew that infants should not drink water, so when a newborn can drink water.

When the baby is over 6 months, he/she begin feeding. At that time, the baby can drink water after meals so as to keep clean his/her mouth. This one help the baby taste of food better. However, infants only need 30ml/times (about 2 teaspoons) the same as 200 – 300ml/day.

Until the baby is one year old or elder, he/she can drink water based on his/her demand. Nevertheless, mothers ought to note the color of urine in order to recognize your baby who drinks enough water or not. Generally, the baby’s urine is clear, pale pink or light yellow. In case the urine is dark color (dark yellow or orange), the baby can seriously shortage water. Mothers can add the water for the baby, please!

Mothers can count the amount of water which the infant need to supplement (including water, milk and other) based on the weight of the baby as following:

The weight of the baby (kg) The amount of liquid need to be supplemented/day (ml/day)
< 4.5kg 425 ml/day
4.5kg to < 5kg 510 ml/day
5kg to < 6.3kg 595 ml/day
6.3kg to < 7.2kg 680 ml/day
7.2kg to < 8.1 kg 765 ml/day
8.1kg to < 8.5kg 850 ml/day
8.5kg to < 9kg 935 ml/day
9kg to < 10.9kg 992 ml/day
10,9kg to < 11.8kg 1,020 ml/day
11.8kg to < 12.7kg 1,077 ml/day
12.7kg to < 13.6 1,105 ml/day


Noting when the baby drinks water

  • Mother should not allow the baby drink water before meals because the baby will feel full. In addition, the baby does not also want to eat.
  • The baby should drink based on his/her demand. Drinking water before or during meals is not good.
  • If the baby drinks water so much at night, he/she can awake and affect to sleep. Therefore, the night should limit drinking water.



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