The advice for the first time mothers

With the first time parents, they could not avoid being surprise, awkward and clumsy when taking care of the baby. The below tips will support you in the process of raising the baby; especially, there are in the first weeks after birth.

You want to know what your baby would like to eat or how to help your baby who is not crying. Like that, you need to have to apply different tricks. For example, if the baby is rowdy when you hold on his/her back, you ought to try change carrying on shoulder because he/she easily observes the surrounding from this height. In addition, when you put the baby down, he/she starts to cry. At that time, parents can try giving the baby a toy or swinging the baby in the baby swing. Every baby will be different characteristics. Therefore, if you want to understand your baby, you need to have to find what the baby’s hobby. Then, you have to try many times until your baby feels comfortable with everything.

  1. Let’s meet what the baby needs

Since birth, the natural instinct taught the baby who knows what he/she wants and how to require. Consequently, instead of imposing infants under mother’s strenuous schedule, you should allow your baby the opportunity in order to tell you what he/she needs. Moreover, mothers needn’t to have to define the feeding time for your baby such as how many times babies feed in day. By the best way, you should breastfeed based on the baby’s demand. When being hungry, the baby will require. Of course, when the baby feels full, he/she will play very good. In the first weeks, the baby may need to breastfeed more than later stage.



  1. Needn’t to abstain so much

Mothers should not abstain so much. This one will be sometimes unscientific; even, it causes the unvalued consequence for the baby. Thus, you need to have to equip yourself enough knowledge in order to know what diet is good. It is noticed that forbearing the umbilical hygiene is very dangerous. Furthermore, you also needn’t to have to avoid the baby to contact the relative who want to visit the baby or other babies, apart from those who are sick.

  1. Believing in the maternal instinct

Most of parents will be very anxious and confused when the first takes care of your baby; especially, your baby was very young and little. However, the Creator gave you instinct and motherhood. Therefore, mothers are not worried too much. You will be received a large number tips from the experienced people with different methods. However, you should only use them for reference. Every mother has the private way to care for their baby. Of course, they believe it which is the best way. You ought to believe in your motherhood. Like that, you will know what you need to do with your baby.

  1. Sleeping

Lacking of sleeping is the common problem that most of young mothers have to face. Consequently, you ought to sleep whenever. For instance, when your baby has a nap in the morning, afternoon or evening, you should also enlist to sleep. Even if you do not feel sleepy, you should also rest a moment. This one will be helpful for you.

  1. Taking care of yourself

Each day, you ought to spend a little time for yourself. You do not try to do all the work from changing to cleaning for the baby. In that way, you will be exhausted early. You should enlist time when your husband or family cares for your baby. At that time, you can take a bath, read a book or relax with others.

  1. Keeping clam

If you feel uncomfortable or disappointed, you should quickly relax several minutes. For example, you can put your baby in cribs and break of 10 minutes (opening the window, breathing deeply).

  1. Are not afraid to ask for helping

Taking care of the baby is quite hard but you are not alone. You should require helping from your husband, grandparents or even relatives instead of doing all the work yourself.

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