Talking to infants

Do you remember the birth crying of your baby? Since birth, the baby has started a dialogue. Initially, crying of the newborn seems to strange to you. If you want to understand, you have to be acquainted with this language in order to meet the demand of the baby.

After birth, you have been gotten in touch with the baby in the private communication way such as cuddle, caress, embracing and many other emotional facial expressions. If your baby want to understand, he/she will also be familiar with this language of yours as well as you need to have to be acquainted with the language of the baby.

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In part 1, I have introduced to you 2 things about the wine storage and I will write the following things now. However, with an opened wine bottle, you should purchase a best vacuum sealer for save food to preserve it better.

  1. Humidity

The humidity is an enemy of cork in the natural. The cork is made of 100% cypress wood before putting into the bottle. The cork has a high elasticity. When the cork is too dry, it will shrink and be pushed out of the bottle. Outside air will come into the bottle through the gap between the cork and bottle. Wine will escape of the bottle and air will occupy the space of wine. If you do not change this issue, the gap is bigger and bigger after time and it will contact to the wine and lead to damage.

Low humidity and cork’s mistake will cause gap between the air and wine so that air can replace space of wine in the bottle. Therefore, the lower the humidity is, the faster your wine will be, especially your good wine. When the air comes into the bottle, it occurs oxidation and turns wine into vinegar. Continue reading

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