How to bring to the value sleep for babies

If you have just become the father and mother for the first time, you will surely have a large number of problems to worry about your baby. One of the worried problems is how to help your baby sleep well.

Most of parents feel difficult when they face with the problem of how the newborn have a value sleep. These below objects are several advises which should and should not do in order to help the baby sleep better.

What objects you should do

Parents should encourage your baby more active when he/she is awaking so as to help him/her sleep well. Parents ought to join in these activities with your baby such as talking, playing games together. This one also helps improve the relationship between members in the family.

Parents should create a good habit so as to help the baby sleep better. By the way, mothers are able to awake up the baby early in the morning and spend the sleeping time at night. You can plan a routine which suit for your schedule. However, it does not affect to sleep at night or the nap of the baby.

In addition, parents do not hold your baby or sleep with the baby. Parents ought to practice your baby who is accustomed to sleeping alone. This one will help him/her who sleeps himself/herself if he/she awakes at night.

Parents should put the baby who lies on his/her back when sleeping. Lying on the baby’s side will increase the risk of sudden death syndrome in infants during sleeping (SIDS). Furthermore, lying on the baby’s back also helps the baby avoid the sensation of sleeping apnea.

Moreover, parents should ensure a safe sleeping for your baby. You need to have to ensure your baby who is sleeping in the safe place such as sofa, beg or on the floor.

What objects you should not do


Parents should not give your baby who lies on the soft toys. These toys need to be taken from the sleeping place of the baby as soon as he/she slept.

In addition, parents should not also sleep with your baby when he/she is from 3 to 4 months age. When parents sleep with the baby, he/she will feel trouble sleeping. Moreover, the threat level of sudden death syndrome in infants (SIDS) is also increase high when the baby sleeps with his/her parents.

If you feel insecure for your baby when he/she sleeps alone, you can put the baby’s crib right in your bedroom. Like that, you are able quickly to console and coax the baby when he/she awake.

Parents should remember that do not awake the baby when he/she is dreaming and striving at night. These ones usually occur in the sleeping of most newborns. Consequently, if the baby feels comfortable, he/she can create noise or continue striving. At that time, parents ought to wait a moment watch your baby can continue to sleep or not before awaking him/her.

Besides, parents should not take the baby who sleeps in order to reduce active in trips or shopping. This one is only good for one or two days. You should not create a regular habit. Like that, the baby will have the bad habit. In addition, your plan which creates a good sleep for in infants will bankrupt. You need to adjust daily activities so as to help ensure the sleeping time for your baby.

Like adults, you should not give the baby who eats too much at night in order to help him/her have the sleeping better.


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